Nothing defines American grit and determination quite like mining, drilling, and aggregate production. There is something inherently compelling about the men and women who wrestle natural resources from the earth. And the equipment and components used in their daily operations are subject to some of the most extreme wear conditions in global industry.

If you’re a part of these industries, your challenge is to keep this equipment operating week after week until it either breaks down or is no longer capable of producing the desired quantity of resources. Over the past three years many companies like yours have turned to Mountaineer Industrial Services for equipment repair or salvage, because of our success in getting their components repaired and back into service quickly and economically. Making quick, accurate repairs and applying tough coatings to wear-prone surfaces: these are the ways Mountaineer can help you increase your productivity and decrease your maintenance costs.

gas compressor connecting arm

gas compressor connecting arm

Leading companies in a host of major industries – from mining and heavy construction, pumps and rotating equipment and can and lid manufacturing to steel and foundries, wire drawing and manufacturing to plastics and rubber processing – count on Mountaineer Industrial Services to keep their operations running longer and more efficiently.

If you encounter wear problems or equipment failures that keep your production from being what it should be, call Mountaineer at 304-250-0042 and learn how simple a solution can be.

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