Indiana is the largest steel-producing State in the US, and is home to some of the most important manufacturing facilities in the world. Wire, steel alloy, petro-chemical, and other heavy manufacturers provide an array of products used around the globe for everything from building construction to surgical supplies.

If you are a part of these industries, you know the common element among these diverse manufacturing industries is the extreme wear conditions that characterize daily operations. Standard, every-day processes in your business subject equipment and components to high temperatures, enormous pressures, and harsh abrasive forces.

laser welding motor laminates

laser welding motor laminates

You may already be one of the leading companies that have turned to Light Beam Technology to help keep your production output at the level it was designed to be. Light Beam is the premier provider of repair and high-technology laser materials processing services for heavy industry and manufacturing businesses in the greater Chicago area and throughout the Midwest.

Leading companies in a host of major industries – from steel and foundries and wire drawing and manufacturing to mining and heavy construction, pumps and rotating equipment and can and lid manufacturing, to plastics and rubber processing – count on Light Beam Technology to keep their operations running longer and more efficiently.

If you encounter wear problems or equipment failures that keep your production from being what it should be, call Light Beam Technology at 260-635-2195 and learn how simple a solution can be.

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