Component wear is a daily fact of life in most industrial operations. Abrasion and speed combine for a devastating effect on expensive and complex equipment. You can’t escape it, but you can fight back—like many of the largest industrial companies in America.

These large businesses know they can save thousands of dollars every year by protecting their wear-prone components with tough thermal-sprayed coating materials. This is a highly cost-effective way to prolong equipment life and save hundreds of hours of line down-time. Sprayed and coated surfaces combat the effects of corrosion, heat, and wear agents and keep your production processes moving.

These companies know that advanced thermal-spraying technologies offered by BMR Group provide them with high quality coatings and overlays that keep their wear-prone equipment in service longer. The specific coating material and the process used are based on the requirements and the application of the part being repaired.

The primary coating processes we use are:

HVOF Spray System – High Velocity Oxygen Fuel uses high pressure liquid fuel and oxygen to deposit a very even uniform coating. HVOF is used for many different metallic coatings, although carbides are the most commonly used metals.

Plasma Spray System – This process uses a plasma flame to produces a dense high quality coating. The most commonly sprayed coatings are ceramics.

Arc Wire Spray System Both ID & OD– This process is very effective in spraying materials onto a contour. The most common materials are 400 and 300 series stainless steel, low and high carbon steels, nichrome, monel, nickel, bronze A, brass, copper, aluminum and zinc.

Combustion Powder Spray System – This process applies a smooth deposit on any contour. When used to deposit Spray and Fuse alloys, the deposit is fused to the base metal, resulting in a metallurgical bond between the overlay and the base metal.

BMR Group has developed multiple proprietary processes over the past 40 years to ensure our coatings are the toughest and best the industry has to offer. Contact us at 260-635-2195 or email us and discover how thermal-sprayed coatings can improve your bottom line.

Twin Wire Arc spraying an 11' I.D gear
Twin Wire Arc spraying an 11' I.D gear
HVOF Thermal Spray Unit
HVOF Thermal Spray Unit
Twin Wire Arc I.D - 8
Twin Wire Arc I.D - 8" I.D x 3' Depth
Twin Wire Arc Automated Spraying I.D - 30
Twin Wire Arc Automated Spraying I.D - 30" diameter x 6' length