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Technical information is not very exciting—unless you need it to keep your operation going or improve your productivity and profit. Any time you need answers to specific technical questions, you need to be able to sort out the facts from the hype. That’s what the BMR Group Resource Page is meant to provide you.

Beyond simply offering a comprehensive collection of industrial repair services, BMR Group is committed to equipping our customers with the information they need to make intelligent choices in maintaining their equipment. Here are some resources that will show you how some technologies can help you gain advantages over your competitors and improve your bottom line.

If you don’t find what you need among these on-line resources, call one of our technical specialists at 260-635-2195, no matter where you are located in the US. Or send us an email explaining the problem you want to solve and what you hope to accomplish. You’ll quickly discover that BMR Group can help you solve problems.

Keeping our customers up and operating. That’s what we do—it’s all we do.