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You don’t make money unless your production operations are functioning as they were designed to work. When your equipment wears out or breaks down, you have to stop production to change components or make repairs. At that point, with your employees waiting to get back to work and your managers asking how soon you’ll be back up, you watch your maintenance costs escalate and your production efficiency plummet.

Of course you have new OEM components sitting in the spares locker, but those parts tie up a lot of money…and they’ll wear out just as quickly as the ones they are replacing. Wouldn’t it be nice if the components you rely on every day cost less and stayed in service longer? That would mean less investment expense, less maintenance expense, longer production runs, and more profit—not to mention happier bosses.

To reduce your risks for downtime and keep your operating expenses at a minimum, you may want to join industry leaders throughout the Midwest and across America by turning to BMR Group. Companies like yours in the Midwest and across America have learned they can depend on us to help reduce their downtime and costs for high-value machinery and components used in America’s toughest industries. And they have come to expect increased component life from our unique wear-resistant surfaces on bearings and other wear areas.

When you call on BMR Group to help get your components and equipment back into service, you’ll find a partner who understands the demands and difficulties of your industry. With over 40 years in multiple demanding industries we know how to help you achieve significant improvements in your operating costs. Our repair capabilities and sensitivity to quick-turn repair requirements offer you the means to achieve better line uptime and productivity, lower operating costs, and a better return on your company’s capital investments.

If you want to improve productivity and flexibility in your production processes and reduce your equipment downtime, just call BMR Group at 260-635-2195 or email us. You’ll discover how to get the help you need to keep your lines operating longer and more profitably.

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