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If you have wear-prone components that must hold critical tolerances, you know it isn’t easy to slow the ravages of wear without distorting the dimensions of the part. What you may not know is that some of the largest companies in the Nation have found that laser heat treating and laser cladding can help prevent wear in their equipment and reduce the risks associated with other hardening and cladding technologies.

No industrial services company in America has amassed more expertise and experience in laser materials processing than BMR Group.

Laser Heat Treating Fundamentals

Laser heat treating works by heating the surface of a piece of steel to a suitable temperature at which it begins to change its internal structure, and then causing it to cool rapidly. This process creates a crystalline structure in the metal surface that makes it extremely hard and wear resistant. The hardened surface can be .080 or more in thickness, providing exceptionally long component life.

Laser heat treating offers some very unique benefits:

  • Eliminates post-treatment machining

  • Applied only to pre-determined wear areas

  • Virtually distortion-free

These performance advantages make laser heat treating among the most cost-effective of all surface hardening technologies. Click here for more information about laser heat treating.

Laser Cladding Fundamentals

Laser cladding utilizes a laser beam that melts a very thin layer of the surface. Some cladding alloy is added to the melt pool, and this surface freezes to the work piece with a metallurgical bond. The resulting thin surface has all the desirable properties of a wear coating without significant changes to the substrate material. The result is a rugged hardened surface that can extend the life of the component.

Laser cladding offers a number of unique benefits:

  • Coatings are virtually impenetrable

  • Low temperature causes little distortion

  • Surface free from micro-cracks and pores

  • Highly uniform coating

Laser cladding offers one of the most cost effective methods of applying a wear- or corrosion-resistant surface layer to components in repair and life-extending maintenance. Click here for more information about laser cladding.

If you’d like to learn more, call BMR Group at 260-635-2195 or email us to discover how you can protect your high-wear components with laser materials processing.

Heat-Treating I.D Pump Sleeve
Heat-Treating Pump Sleeve