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Sometimes a picture can tell you more than two paragraphs of written description.  If you need to see evidence of some of the components that BMR Group has repaired, rebuilt, manufactured, or salvaged, take a look at these photo albums.

You’ll need a pdf viewer to see them.  If you need help with that, call us at 260-635-2195 or email us, and we’ll help you get to what you need to see.

Industry line cards

Here is a sampling of the major industries whose leaders have turned to BMR Group to help them keep their operations running at peak performance and contribute more to their bottom lines.

  • Can & lid manufacturing
  • Gas & petroleum
  • Mining & heavy construction
  • Plastics manufacturing & recycling
  • Pumps & rotating equipment
  • Steel processing
  • Wire drawing & manufacturing
  • Water & waste water

Keeping our customers up and operating. That’s what we do—it’s all we do.