Your plant doesn’t make money unless your line is operating the way it was designed to work. When your line goes down for a broken or worn component, you don’t have time to thumb through a stack of business cards looking for help.

Those are the times you need specialists who are organized to provide the support you need when you need it most – specialists who understand how your equipment is supposed to work and who know that downtime means lost profit. And it would be a good time to have access to expertise in metallurgy and engineering, so you’ll have confidence that repairs will be done right with the right materials.

It’s a good thing BMR Group is here for you.

Our sales force and our operations staff are accessible  around the clock, so if you need them, just call 260-635-2195 and discover how BMR Group can support your most critical emergency repair needs. Or send us an email with the form below.

CAT loader wheel hub - rebuilt bearing areas


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BMR Group is focused on emergency repair of the most critical applications of our customers. At BMR we understand that you make money only when you’re producing and shipping products. So we offer a wide range of repair and maintenance services are well as fabrication capabilities designed to help you keep your plant running. These are all part of the routine services that we provide with uncommon expertise. 

“Keeping our customers up and operating…

That’s what we do – it’s all we do.”