Energy 08-compressor id spray
Keeping your production line operating at peak efficiency is a full-time job. When things go wrong, you have employees who are not productive, managers who are not happy, and customers who demand answers. You don’t have time to thumb through a stack of business cards looking for someone who might be able to answer a question or make a suggestion.

You need information.

No matter if you need a part fixed RIGHT NOW or if you just need some advice on what you could try next, BMR Group is prepared to help you. You can access our articles and blogs that are filled with information to help you meet the challenges of your industry.

Chopper blade - blades to be repaired, unit rebuilt

Chopper blade – blades to be repaired, unit rebuilt

If you don’t find what you need in these on-line resources, you are welcome to call one of our technical specialists at 260-635-2195, no matter where you are located in the US. Or send us an email explaining the problem and what you want to accomplish.

Sometimes, seeing is believing.  If you’re that way, why not click on over to view our photo albums of components we’ve rebuilt, repaired, manufactured, or salvaged?  You can also see a list of equipment and capabilities we typically use to keep our customers operating and making money.

Keeping our customers  up and operating. That’s what we do—it’s all we do.