Effective management of process waste water from industry and municipalities is enough of a challenge without having to worry about your pumps, gates, and valves wearing out before they should.

The nature of waste water treatment puts heavy stress on all the components in the system. Erosion and corrosion of pumps and valves is routine and there never seems to be time for preventive maintenance.

When those breakdowns occur, your managers expect fast, efficient part replacements and quick return to service for the system.  And they may not always appreciate the time and costs involved in obtaining new components.

Did you ever stop to think your best equipment value may be laying in your scrap yard?

Hundreds of water supply and waster water facilities have turned to BMR Group to provide them with the best of both worlds: fast service return and lower cost. They have discovered we can quickly repair damage to their pumps, blowers, and large valves as well as other components like impellers, shafts, and bearings. We can then build up those worn surfaces and finish them to their original dimensions and specifications.

And it can be completed a lot faster and for a lot less cost than an OEM component.

Saving time and money.  That’s a formula anyone could love.

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