In mining and heavy construction operations, with millions of dollars on the line every day, you have to keep your equipment working as efficiently as possible.  You can’t wait for the most favorable conditions or the right time. A “nice” working environment is a luxury you can’t afford, and sometimes, preventive maintenance is easily forgotten. And there is no such thing as a perfect piece of equipment for the job…you have to get the job done with what you have.

That’s why your parts break or wear faster than they should. And that’s why so many mining and heavy construction operators count on BMR Group to fix their broken components, get components back to their original specs, and get the line back into operation quickly and efficiently.

BMR Group can not only repair your damaged and worn components, we can make them last longer than new OEM parts with durable laser-hardened or thermal-sprayed coated surfaces. That keeps you on the job, making your production goal…and making money.

Whenever your parts wear out or fail, call BMR Group at 260-635-2195 or email us to discover how quickly you can access the help you need to get your line back into production.