You Can Trust BMR Group

When your production equipment breaks, wears out, or just doesn’t get the job done, you need someone you can count on to deliver the repair services that will get you back up and operating fast.

Compressor cylinder - rebuilt bore
Compressor cylinder - rebuilt bore

We Keep You Running Longer

Unplanned production shutdowns will devastate your bottom line unless you get repairs completed quickly and accurately so you can get your operation back up and running.

One of the best ways to protect yourself from early equipment failure is to rely on unique technologies like thermal-sprayed coatings, laser heat treating and cladding, or welded overlays that combat the effects of component wear in daily operations. And that’s what you get when you call on the companies of BMR Group:

Crusher cone - bearing & seal areas

What You Need, We Deliver

  • Timely service
  • Value pricing
  • Reliable information exchange
  • Conformance to your requirements
Thermal-Spray Technologies

Roll carbide coated by HVOF

BMR leads the industry in special technologies that make wear-prone work surfaces last longer and perform better.

Repair & Rebuild

Compressor - sprayed ID

Why buy new when we can refurbish your worn out steel industrial parts with tough coatings to make them stronger and last longer than the original new part?



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